FlowUtils Documentation

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FlowUtils is a Python package containing various utility functions related to flow cytometry analysis, primarily focused on compensation and transformation tasks commonly used within the flow community. The FlowUtils package is part of a suite of Python libraries for analyzing flow cytometry data, and was developed as an extension to the light-weight [FlowIO library](https://github.com/whitews/FlowIO). FlowIO reads and writes Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) files, and has zero dependencies. For higher level interaction with flow cytometry data, including GatingML & FlowJo 10 support, see the related [FlowKit project](https://github.com/whitews/FlowKit).


FlowUtils implements several transformation functions as C extensions for increased performance on large arrays of FCS event data. NumPy is required to compile these C extensions prior to installing FlowUtils.

From PyPI

FlowUtils is available via the pip command. However, NumPy must be installed prior in order to compile the C extensions.

pip install numpy
pip install flowutils

From GitHub source code

pip install numpy
git clone https://github.com/whitews/flowutils
cd flowutils
python setup.py install